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A guide for Elafonisi

Elafonisi is located 75 km southwest of the city of Chania and is one of the most known beaches in the world. You will reach the region by driving around 90 km from Chania’s International Airport. We recommend you to choose Suzuki Jimny or Vitara for this trip. You will need less than two hours to reach your destination. The route from Chania to Elafonisi is beautiful and it is worth experiencing by car.

Elafonisi is also a Natura 2000 protected part as it is a habitat of the caretta-caretta sea turtle and other creatures and plant species. The place is home to 110 plant species. Elafonisi is basically a sandy peninsula and is known for its beauty and exotic landscape that reminds of the Caribbean. This is the reason that many people call it “The Caribbean Sea of the Crete”. If you would like to walk, you can find Kedrodasos a few minutes away, a peaceful beach full of cedar trees dominating all over the beach creating a wild and unique scenery.The Crystal blue waters, the pink sand that has been created by crushed shells, and the shallow calm waters create a unique setting in Elafonisi.

The above are only some of the reasons that make this place worth visiting. The beach on the open sea is a great place for watersports like windsurfing and is ideal for both couples and family. As the waters do not exceed 1m in depth in many points, the beach is perfect for children. Parents will feel confident enough to allow their children to play without disturbing them while they will enjoy their swim. If you would like, you can easily cross the opposite side of the peninsula and visit the other more peaceful side of Elafonisi.

If you would like to visit Elafonisi, we recommend you to avoid the hours of 11:00 to 16:00 because these times, the place attracts thousands of visitors and it is overcrowded. So, if you want to enjoy more this beach, choose the early morning hours or the evening ones. Also, it is better to bring your own umbrellas with you because you might not find any available on the beach.

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